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Report title: Demographics of Astronism Report 2019


Report summary: The 2019 Demographics of Astronism Report is the first of its kind in what will be a, from now onwards, a continual series of annual reports collecting throughout each year data from sources around the world regarding the population of Astronists. In this very first publication in the Demographics of Astronism series and the first Institutional Report in the history of the Astronist Institution, an annual review detailing the major events of the year will be provided, secondly a comprehensive overview of Astronism by country will precede a carefully crafted feature article on World Astronism. The report will end with another feature article on the Astronic religions and a brief understanding of the key events and challenges according for the tradition of religions to which Astronism belongs.


Publication Code Identifier (PCI): DOA2019

Number of pages: 78

Report Publication Date: December 2019
Report Author: Cometan
Report Publisher: Astronist Institution via

Demographics of Astronism Report 2019

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