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The Demographics of Astronism Report 2021 provides details on the state of Astronism in the world by each country and territory Astronist Institution by country and territory for the year 2021. This "state of Astronism" includes its demographic, sociocultural and legal status in each country. This 2021 issue of the Report also features two articles the "Institutional Dictionary" and "Establishment Era". The first of these explores Cometan's writing of The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism in March 2021 and how the publication of this dictionary has worked wonders in clarifying all aspects of the Astronist belief system that currently existed at the time. The second article focuses on the momentous occasion in which the Founding era of Astronism ended after exactly 8 years on 1st July 2021 which gave way to the beginning of the Establishment era. With the commencement of this new era, there are so many exciting plans. Cometan would like to share some of these plans with you in this Report.

Demographics of Astronism Report 2021

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